Tips For Selling Your Business – #1

For the business owner who wants to sell their business, there are some principles that should always be kept in mind. In the next several blog, I am going to outline important steps in how to impress a buyer prospect when they take a look at your business.

#1. Run your business as if it were for sale. I find that people will call us and say that they want to sell their business, but the business is not ready to sell. Things are not in order. Even if you have no plans to sell your business in the forseeable future, run it as if it were currently on the market.

Too often, owners a forced to sell due to an unforseen problem. One of the most common is poor health. Others include age, burnout, or losing a partner or key employee. For example, if you were selling your home, you would present it in the best possible light. You would want it to make a good first impression when the buyer prospect walked through the front door. The same is true for your business.

Don’t allow yourself to slip into being sloppy or complacent. Make sure you concentrate on increasing revenue year over year, maximizing profits, and customer service.

More to follow. Sam Naff