Getting Employees Willing Cooperation

Being successful in business depends a great deal on our employees. You can be very capable when it comes to technical knowledge, equipped with an MBA, plus have good sales and marketing skills. You can be a visionary, with ideas that will revolutionize the company. However, if you can’t mobilize your employees, turning ideas and goals into reality will be more difficult, it not impossible.

Too many times, I have seen owners, executives, and managers fail, not because they were not smart, but because their employees were not motivated to excel. When you hire a new employee, their first day on the job can be the best day they are working for you. On their first day, they are excited by the new challenge, motivated to do a good job, with hopes of future advancement. On their first day, they are not thinking about how little they can do, or that management isn’t listening, or that management is indifferent to my ideas. These attitudes come later, after we’ve shown them that that we really aren’t listening to them

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