Run Your Business As If It Was For Sale

Too often our office is contacted by a small business owner that wants to sell their business due to some unexpected perosnal crisis. They have a health problem, or are getting a divorce, or made a capital investment and now running out of cash. It could be anything, but it was unplanned and unpleasant. Now they are forced to sell.

Most of us know of improvements that could be made in our operation that would enhance our operating results, but we get busy with the daily routine and get side tracked. We miss out on opportunities that are there for the taking. And most would have been so easily implemented.

But, when personal crisis hits, we have to unexpectedly find a buyer. We don’t want to, but we’re forced to. The price we would like to get for the business is going to be lower than expected because we’ve gotten bogged down in non-productive activity, like spending too much time in the office and not visiting customers or interacting with employees. We recommend that by staying focused and making improvements as the opportunity arises, you will be ready to sell if you need to.

Every business has things that can be done to improve profits…and little improvements can add up to better results. Better results means higher selling price, whether planned or unplanned.