Tips for Selling Your Business #3


If you are fortunate enough to have a son or daughter to take over your business, you most likely will not need the services of a business broker. That transfer of ownership can be handled by an experienced attorney. However, like most of us, when it comes time to sell, we are going to need to find a buyer with the help of a qualified business broker.

Choose your business broker carefully. All business brokerage companies do not operate the same, and many have only a one person office. I feel a better option is to use a firm that has multiple associates, each having a different business experience. It makes sense to have a team of qualified business men and women that will be a good fit for your industry when it comes time to sell.

At The Crown Business Group, we have associates that have had a variety of work experiences that can relate to your business .

When choosing the business brokerage firm that is right for you, interview several. You can then weigh the strengths of each and pick the one you feel could best represent you.